POP=ART — evagraphics
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60 years ago Rock became Pop.
And Pop became Art.


Together with Stijn Van de Voorde (Studio Brussel), I made a series of illustrations that run through 60 years of popmusic. In 60 quotes. From 60 songs. One for each year.
Expo was seen in Leuven, Hasselt, Kortrijk, Antwerp and London.
More on www.popisart.be


2006, Muse, Supermassive Black Hole
1996, R. Kelly, I Believe I Can Fly
2001, The Strokes, Last Nite
1966, The Rolling Stones, Paint It Black
2007, Arcade Fire, No Cars Go
1987, The Smiths, There Is a Light That Never Goes Out
1967, The Doors, Light My Fire
2015, Major Lazor, Lean On
2008, M.I.A., Paper Planes
2000, Queens Of The Stone Age, Feel Good Hit of the Summer
1988, Pixies, Where Is My Mind?
Book ‘I drew a line’, 2016